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Currently there are 78 free file hosting services where is no download limit.

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free file host max file size registration? file life
  Annonhost.net50 MB nounknown
  AxiFile150 MB nounknown
  Badongo1024 MB nounlimited
  BayFiles5120 MB nounknown
  BestSharing125 MB nounknown
  BestSharing125 MB nounknown
  BigFilez100 MB nounknown
  Bigupload300 MB no30 days of inactivity
  Copious Dudeunknown yesunknown
  DepositFiles250 MB nounknown
  Dumpplace250 MB yesunlimited
  Easy Dump128 MB nounknown
  Easy Sharing75 MB nounknown
  Eat Bytes300 MB nounknown
  EZ-Files50 MB no
  FasterUpload250 MB nounknown
  File Host100 MB nounknown
  FileCargo50 MB nounknown
  Filecoast300 MB no30 days of inactivity
  FileDEN10 MB nounknown
  FileFactory500 MB yes15 days of inactivity
  FileForge350 MB nounknown
  Filegone100 MB no100 days of inactivity
  Filehosting.cc200 MB yes30 days of inactivity
  FileOffunknown nounknown
  Files ww100 MB nounknown
  FileuShare500 MB no
  FileXoom100 MB yesunknown
  File2share150 MB no60 days of inactivity
  Free Upload Share250 MB no3 months of inactivity for files under 50MB, larger files 1 month
  FreeFileHosting3 MB nounknown
  FTP.nuunknown no30 days of inactivity
  Gixn1024 MB nounknown
  GlumboUploads1024 MB nounknown
  HotFile100 MB nounknown
  HyperFileShare250 MB nounknown
  InternetFiles40 MB no30 days of inactivity
  JumboFile100 MB no10 days of inactivity
  JustUpit120 MB nounknown
  Mega-File150 MB nounknown
  Megashares1500 MB nounknown
  Megaupload250 MB nounknown
  Momoshare25 MB no15 days of inactivity
  myShareBox100 MB no30 days of inactivity
  MyShareFile150 MB nounknown
  Putfile25 MB yesunknown
  Quick File Upload500 MB nounknown
  Rapidshare100 MB no30 days of inactivity
  Rapidsharing300 MB yesunknown
  RapidUpload300 MB no30 days of inactivity
  SaveFile60 MB no25 days of inactivity
  Savefiles250 MB nounknown
  Send File5 MB nounknown
  ShareBigFile300 MB no30 days of inactivity
  SnapDrive100 MB yesunknown
  Speedy Share33 MB nounknown
  Spread-it500 MB no14 days of inactivity
  TorandoDrive50 MB no30 days of inactivity
  TurboUpload70 MB nounknown
  Ultrashare250 MB no21 days of inactivity
  Upitus30 MB no30 days of inactivity
  Upload Solution300 MB no30 days of inactivity
  Uploading150 MB no30 days of inactivity
  UploadPort500 MB nounknown
  UploadSky10 MB yesunknown
  UploadSpy75 MB no30 days of inactivity
  UploadWay200 MB nounlimited
  Verzend1000 MB no7 days of inactivity
  VS-HS Upload10 MB nounknown
  Web File Host500 MB nounknown
  Wirefiles5 MB nounknown
  X-essunknown nounknown
  Xuploadz150 MB nounknown
  YourFileHost30 MB no14 days of inactivity
  YourFileLink5120 MB no30 days of inactivity
  Zupload500 MB no30 days of inactivity
  1Fichier.com10240 MB no60 days of innactivity
  4shared25 MB yesunknown
free file host max file size file life registration?
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