Free file hosting with at least 1 GB file limit

Currently there are 8 free file hosting services with minimum of 1 GB file limit to choose from.

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free file host max file size registration? download limit file expires?
  Badongo1024 MB nounlimitedunlimited
  Transfer Big Files1024 MB no20 downloads7 days
  Gixn1024 MB nounlimitedunknown
  GlumboUploads1024 MB nounlimitedunknown
  Megashares1500 MB nounlimitedunknown
  YourFileLink5120 MB nounlimited30 days of inactivity
  BayFiles5120 MB nounlimitedunknown
  1Fichier.com10240 MB nounlimited60 days of innactivity
free file host max file size download limit file expires? registration?
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